What is energy deregulation?

Several states throughout the United States have enacted the deregulation of their local electric and/or natural gas utility companies. Prior to deregulation, customers were required to be serviced and to purchase energy from their local utility company. Deregulation broke up the utility monopolies to create a free market. Customers in deregulated states have the option to purchase their electricity and/or natural gas supply from a competitive third party energy provider. ​​

Is it safe to switch?


Switching energy providers in a deregulated state is a common practice for customers. After you decide on a provider, your energy supply terms, and execute an agreement with that provider​, the rest is simple. The provider will notify your local utility company that you have chosen them as your energy provider and your new supply rate should take effect in one to two billing cycles. 

Who do I call when their is an electrical outage?


Although your energy supply may be provided by a competitive energy supplier, your local utility company will continue to deliver electricity and/or gas to your home or business. The utility company is still responsible for maintaining the local utility lines. If there is ever an outage, please call your local utility company. 

Who can I call when I have a question about my new rate or contract?

After you choose a third party energy provider, you can call your new energy suppliers with any questions regarding your new agreement. Should you choose to use an energy broker, like MyEnergyOption, you could also call your broker for assistance related to your supply agreement.